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Plus Size Cropped Trousers

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Crop Chic: Finding the Right Plus Size Ladies Cropped Trousers

If there is one outfit that is perfect for all weather conditions, it is
the cropped trouser. This versatile pair of pants, also popularly known as caprice is wardrobe staple that can do wonders for a trendy look. If you are a plus size, look no further as these cropped trousers can give you the fashionable edge that you have been looking for. 

One of the biggest predicaments for many plus-size women is not being able to sport a great pair of shorts, invariably being stuck with regular and boring trousers or jeans. The cropped trousers meet a median and prove to be a fabulous alternative to shorts and pants. Just as the name suggests, this style derives its name from the cropped version of the full-length pants. Typically, cropped trousers or caprice are worn ankle-length, mid-calf or to fall just below the knee.

Cuts, Styles & More

The style and the cut of the plus size ladies cropped trousers are a crucial aspect to nail the look. Some of the popular cuts are the slim fit, the regular/boyfriend fit, the straight leg fit and the flared/wide-legged fit. 

Slim Fit: This cut is characterised by the trousers' snug fit. This is a flattering style as the results are slimming and chic. This cut best looks on ankle-length trousers. 

Straight Leg Fit: True to its name, the fit is fuss-free and straight. This works for most plus size figures and looks stylish when worn knee, calf or ankle-length. 

Regular/Boyfriend Fit: This is a very in-trend fit and spells comfort. It is the baggier version of the straight fit and is worn with baggy clothes. This style works in both calf and ankle lengths.

Flared/Wide-Legged Fit: This is a girly version of the cropped trousers and borders on skirt and gaucho pants. Different levels of flares are available for you to choose from. Most of these trousers are available in A-line cuts, giving it a feminine touch. The flared fit looks wonderful on flowy fabrics.

The versatility of the cropped trousers in not just limited to weather, it is appropriate for casual day/night wear and work wear. However, it is the colour that make all the difference. You can never go wrong with black and brown, which are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. To incorporate colours in your formal cropped trousers, look for beige and cream; even subtle stripes and checks do wonders. For casual occasions, look for these trousers in colours and prints. When worn with the right top, and a calf high or knee high boot, cropped trousers look great on plus-sized women.

Cropped Trousers for Different Body Types

Unlike a pair of trousers or jeans, the cropped trousers need to be styled appropriately for different body types: 

Top Heavy: Cropped trousers are the go-to item of clothing for this body type as you can show off your legs in a straight cut or slim fit pair. This fit can make your legs look longer and slimmer. You can take away the attention from the heavier area by just wearing a slouchy top, empire-style top or a blouse that is not too tight and you are good to go. 

Bottom Heavy: These pants are just as suitable for your body type as it is for the others. Look for regular fit or the classic straight leg. Fold the hem of the pant to give it a more casual look. Remember to team up with tops that accentuate the upper half of your body; choose from well-fitted wrap tops, t-shirts, peasant blouses and dolman tops that sit right at the hip.

Hour Glass: You can put your great body type to good use and experiment with different cuts and styles. A very flattering style would be to wear mid-calf or ankle length trousers with tapered hem and that are loose around the hip and thighs. Another top pick would be the flared fit.

Heavy Calf/Ankle: Avoid designs, buttons and ruched hems, if you have thick calves or ankles. Pick regular or boyfriend fit.

Heavy Mid-section: Stay away from drawstring trousers and a strict no-no to pleated styles as they accentuate the worry areas and make you look bulkier.

Tips & Tricks

- Wearing the right footwear enhances your style; choose from pointed-toe flats, wedged heels and strappy sandals that look great with plus size ladies cropped pants.
- During winters, team your straight-legged cropped pants with calf-length boots for a stylish look.
- If you like accessories like the anklet, you could wear one with these trousers.

Put your best foot forward with plus size ladies cropped trousers.