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Plus Size Mini Skirt

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Plus Size Miniskirts

Miniskirt is a kind of apparel that never go out of fashion. They can be worn during summer, winter and fall and are also ideal for all types of occasions such as work, parties and casual dates. Wearing a mini skirt is a great way of looking and feeling beautiful and sexy.
There was a time, when full figured women used to feel really awkward in trying out a mini skirt. Fashion industry was too much inclined towards extra thin models, and portraying miniskirts worn by size zero models and mannequins gave a wrong signal to the plus size world. But now understanding the potential and growing need of the plus size markets, we get to see lot more minis specifically designed for curvy women. They come in a wide range of styles, colours, designs and materials.
Yes, there are a few things you should bear in mind when choosing a plus size mini skirt. Firstly, it is advisable to go for miniskirts in solid colours because they look more flattering. Avoid overly bold stripes, horizontal stripes, and prints as they do not flatter your figure. You can also wear subtle prints so long as you keep the rest of your look simple.
Choosing the right length is also important. A mini skirt that does not fit well or one that is too short could end up sending the wrong signal. A very short mini could expose your hips and thighs which are usually the problem areas. In addition, it could make you appear larger. Go for a mini skirt that is just slightly above the knee for a more flattering and sexy look. This length of mini skirt balances your lower and upper body and shows off your legs. It can also make you look slender and taller. 
There are different styles and designs of mini-skirts to choose from. Below are some of the best mini skirt styles for plus size women.

Straight mini skirt

This can bring out your curves and make you look really sexy specially if it is made from a heavy gauge fabric such as denim. It looks even better if the hips are form fitting. It makes your figure more proportionate and does not add any bulk. But I would suggest an apple to avoid this type, as this would make their large and round mid section even larger compared to their buttock and thigh. Pear and hourglass shaped can definitely try this style out. Wear it with a loose plus size tops or a tunic top and a knee high boot.

A-line miniskirts

This mini skirt is a little flared at the bottom and the top part has a narrow shape. It therefore covers the bottom heavy party of your body. As a result, it creates slimming and flattering effect. Perfect for apple shapes. Wera it with a casual shirt, or a fitted plus size blouse for a perfect look.

Pencil mini skirts

These miniskirts have a narrow silhouette towards the bottom. They give plus size women a slim, sleek, sexy and flattering look. A black pencil skirt, with a formal shirt, can be your perfect work wear.

Pleated miniskirts

These miniskirts look great on plus size women as they help to soften the curves. They usually have classy pleats and low waists which make them very comfortable to wear. They come in different types of materials including silk and soft cotton. 

Mini skirts are iconic fashion pieces. They are available in fashionable fabrics, flattering cuts and innovative designs to enable the wearer look her best. They make a loud fashion statement especially when worn with the appropriate tops, blouses and footwear.