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Plus Size Pyjamas

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Pretty in Pyjamas - Plus Size Pyjamas

Pyjamas have evolved over the years and is an ideal sleep-time companion. Gone are the days when women with fuller figures were confined to just wearing boring and baggy t-shirt and track pants. Today, there are pyjamas in every imaginable style, design, cut and colour to flatter your curves. What are the different types of pyjamas that are available? How to pick one that suits your body type? Here is all that you needed to know about plus size ladies pyjamas.

Pyjama Galore

Nothing spells comfort like a pair of pyjamas; it make lounging and sleeping easy. Unlike its fancy counterparts like negligee and nighties, pyjamas are particularly plus size-friendly. If your style is easy and relaxed, you can pick the classic pyjama shirt or a cute t-shirt and team it up with comfortable pair of pants. If you choose added comfort, you have kaftan tops, camisoles, singlets that can be worn with shorts. You can give nighties a modern twist by wearing a longline nightdress with pyjama pants. You could experiment with playsuits and jumpsuits designed for sleeping and lounging.
Once you have decided what your style is, choose the right colours, prints and patterns. If your style is girly, opt for pastels like pink, lilac, mauve, cream and yellow. To add life to these colours, opt for cute and pleasant patterns like flowers, hearts and polka dots. If you like bringing out the woman in you, lace trims and deep colours like maroon, red and purple are perfect. If simple monochromes are your style, solid colours like black, white, brown and grays work just fine. You could match these colours or mix and match them to give it an interesting twist. If your style is edgy and wild, animal prints and sequins work well.

Understand your Body Type

Wearing clothes that suit and flatter your body type is important and pyjamas are no exception. Often, women do not consider wearing pyjamas that suit their body type. Before picking the right pyjama, let's understand different body types and what styles are suitable. If you are top-heavy (apple shape), fret not, pick from round neck t-shirt or collared shirts with either long or short sleeves and opt for shorter leg wear in slim cuts like calf-length pants or shorts. This way you show off your legs diverting the attention from the problem areas. Apple-shaped women must avoid turtle neck t-shirts and snug tops, which draw attention to the upper body. If you are bottom-heavy (pear shape), choose from scooped neck tees, kimono-style tops, kaftans, strappy camisoles or singlets to highlight the slimmer part of your body. Remember to pick boot-legged and loose pants to take away the emphasis on the legs. Palazzo pants with well-fitted tops suit this body type. If you are an hourglass figure, you can carry off almost all styles. 

Fabrics Fare

For comfortable pyjamas, the choice of fabric is essential; cotton, linen, satin and knit wear are some of the most popular options. In hot/warm weather conditions breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are ideal. In colder weather, choose fabrics like fleece and flannel to keep yourself warm. You could also wear your pyjama pants with graffiti jumpers and cute sweaters. Satin is both luxurious & comfortable and is a great choice of fabric for plus size ladies night pyjamas. However, during cold weather, team it with warmer pieces of clothing.

Here are some tips to make the most of your pyjama:

- Pyjama bottoms with drawstrings are convenient adjustable.
- Avoid complicated designs as it takes away the comfort factor.
- Choose from accessories like gloves, beanies and socks to make your pyjama set fun.

So put away grubby, over-sized nightwear and make way for comfort with the perfect plus size ladies night pyjamas.