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Choosing The Right Plus Size Maternity Bras For Optimal Comfort

Shopping for maternity bras is a must, especially throughout the mid and late stages of pregnancy. These are structured to provide the additional support that women need as the result of their increased breast sizes. Given that an expecting mother's body will be experiencing changes on a near daily basis, finding designs that will provide the best value can be quite difficult. The tips that follow that will help you to select the perfect plus size maternity bras for your needs.

Disregard Your Former Size

Even at the earliest stages of pregnancy, your breasts can be markedly different from what they were in the past. In fact, sore, swollen, tender breasts and back pain are commonly the very first physical signs of pregnancy. Without proper support, the additional weight that you are carrying in this area can cause discomfort in the middle and lower back. Choosing to shop for plus size maternity bras as early as possible will help you to avoid placing undue stress on these areas.

Rather than simply increasing your past measurements to reflect your new growth, it is better to have yourself measured. You can do this yourself or with a close friend. You can also consult with a professional bra-fitter. While this might seem like a lot of work for such a small purchase, it will help you to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary frustration. Not only can you use your measurements while shopping in stores, but these numbers will also make it much easier for you to choose a proper-fitting bra online.

What To Look For in Plus Size Maternity Bras

There are several key features to look for when shopping for maternity bras, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy that you are currently in. The best designs for your body will have cups that fully contain your breasts with no overspill at the top. The cup material should lie smooth and flat against your skin.

You should also make sure that the centre seam does not dig into the breastbone. This will allow you to move about with ease. Some women opt for designs that contain underwire, however, if the material supplies a snug fit, these additions are not necessary.

Depending upon your mobility and the ease with which you can get dressed, it may be best to search for designs with front closures. These bras are usually comprised of very flexible fabric blends and have adjustment options at their clasps. Otherwise, you should check for plus size maternity bras with back closures that close easily on the first setting early in your pregnancy and which continue to fit as your ribcage expands. After the birth of your child, this measurement will again change and you can simply revert back to the first clasp, rather than having to buy a smaller bra. For greater economy, you can even search for plus size nursing bras. You can use these until you have weaned your infant and your breast size has decreased.

Where To Shop?

You can find the largest selection of plus size maternity bras on the web. Proud and Curvy is the best place online, as you can browse hundreds of products from all renowned brands and retailers, compare the product features and prices and make the best choice. Register yourself with our plus size forum and throw any questions you might have or just share your experience with other community members.