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Plus Size Coats

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Plus Size coats for women

Coats are a must-have wardrobe essential for winter; this piece of clothing has been in existence for several centuries, and the styles have changed drastically over the years. Coats are very popular outerwear options for plus size figures. Plus size ladies coats that are now available in the market are anything but boring and predictable. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, options are aplenty. Besides keeping you warm and snug find out all that there is to coats and more.

Types of coats

In winter, as your outermost garment, coats grab the maximum attention and are the ultimate item of style & finesse. They come in different styles, fabric and cuts giving the user a stylish edge. Some of the classic coat styles are the trench, pea, parka coats and swing jackets. The contemporary coats are chic and trendier versions of the classic outerwear; these include the cape coat, military-inspired coats, peplum coats and so on. Most of these styles work perfectly for plus sizes however; picking a coat that suits your body type will complete the look perfectly.

Fabric, Cut & Other Elements

The coat's fabric, cut, length and neckline play a pivotal role in choosing right style. Coat-makers traditionally use fabrics like wool and tweed, lined with softer fabric to ensure maximum protection from cold weather. For mildly cold temperatures, leather, cashmere and faux fur coats are perfect. Spring and summer may not be the best time for coats; however, jackets (of shorter lengths) in fabrics like cotton and linen are suitable.

The cut of the jacket is crucial in bringing out the lovely silhouette of your curves. The indication of a good coat is its tailored cut and structure; these elements provide optimum comfort and sharpness. It enables the coat to fit right at the shoulders and waist.

The length of the coat is another important aspect to consider while picking plus size ladies coats. Unlike jackets, which are shorter in length, coats are flattering for fuller figures. Coats that fall mid-thigh or run all the way to the calf and have tapered waists provide slimming effects. The length of the sleeves is as important as the length of the coat itself. Unless you are wearing a cape-style or bracelet-sleeve coat, loose and baggy sleeves will make you look bulkier. 

While blacks and blues are classics, colours are a refreshing choice. For a formal and toned-down look, shades of gray, brown, beige and cream are ideal. For those who are not afraid of experimenting, deep shades of blue, red, maroon, mustard and pink are perfect.

Body Type and the Coat

If wanting to look great in a coat is top priority, there are no two ways about picking the right coat that suits your body type. Here are the best coat options for different body types:

Pear-shaped: The focus must be on picking coats that enhance the top half your body while dressing the lower half tastefully. Ideal coats for this body type are cape, parka, peplum coats and swing jackets. These coats have the kind of cut around the waist that provides slimming effects. You could also wear double-breasted trench coats and military-inspired coats with interesting button details, flares and A-line cut to divert attention from problem areas. You could opt for interesting scoop, boat and faux fur necklines.

Apple-Shaped: The trick to dressing up this body type is to stay away from bulky-looking coats. You do not want to add more bulk to the chest or shoulder area. Pick from coats that fall and flow well. Avoid too many buttons and details in the chest area.

Hour Glass: Consider yourself lucky as most coat styles are flattering on this body type. You can use wrap coats and belts to clinch the coat's waist to show off your curves. You can look for coats with epaulettes for an edgier look.

Tips and Tricks
- Avoid puff sleeves and padded shoulders if you are top-heavy or have broad shoulders.
- If you are short, keep away from coats that fall lower than your knees to avoid looking shorter.
- Glam up your coat with lovely scarves, gloves and hats.
- Choose prints to suit your style.

Covering up just got stylish with plus size ladies coats.